Illustration showing a masked parent holding a small newborn child in one arm, and with the other arm, holding up a large red-coloured COVID-19 particle, while standing on a cliff. The cliff is separated from a second cliff by a growing gap/crevice, rocks are breaking off. On the second cliff, there are depictions of science: a beaker, a rocket, three gears and a planet.

Step up academia, parents still need support

Illustration showing a parent embracing a young child (both are masked). On either side, there is a red-coloured swarm of microbes (depicting COVID-19). The swarm is coming from four individuals who are unmasked, speaking, etc. In the background, there are buildings: a school, homes, etc.
Illustration showing two scientists of colour in the centre, one is masked and looking down, the second is looking to the right. In the background, there is a red line dividing the image in two. The lower half showing COVID-19 particles, big and small. The upper half shows a vaccine vial, a mask, and three adults (an older adult, a pregnant person and a parent) and a child.



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