In Conversation With Dr. Monica Malta: The Mental Health Crisis In STEMM

A smiling Dr. Monica.
Dr. Monica Malta
An image of a young woman in seated in a dark setting with head held against her right palm, in a depressed pose.
There is dire mental health crisis in STEMM: women and minorities are especially susceptible. (Credit: Unsplash)
An image of library book shelves with volumes of old books. Several torso sculptures of men are placed near the shelf in a row, and the statues gradually diminish in size with a growing distance.
“We need a shift in the institutional culture.” (Credit: Unsplash)
An art work with four hands stretched in a graceful pose, near four human brains. The center of the image features the text “you’re not alone”.
Art Credit: “Digits of unity” by V. S. Rakenduvadhana for 500WS



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