An open letter to Rick Perry from 500 Women Scientists

  1. Preserve and support programs that aim to cut carbon emissions. Climate change is not going away, and the consensus of the scientific community is that carbon-based pollution is its main cause. Most of the world accepts this. If we do not continue to develop clean technology here in the U.S., other countries will take the lead, and we will be buying their technology in the near future instead of making our own. China, for one instance, has announced its intent to become a “clean energy superpower”, and already outspends the U.S. in clean energy investment. The Department of Energy plays a critical role in funding cleaner technologies across the board and can help the U.S. keep the lead in global clean energy innovation.
  2. Support current efforts at DOE to speed up the commercialization of clean energy technologies. The cutting edge technologies that DOE has supported have the potential to create jobs across the country and improve the quality of life for millions of Americans. And since American tax dollars pay for these innovations, it is only fair that Americans reap the benefit of DOE’s energy research by enabling these developments to reach the market.
  3. Do not discount the value of an all-of-the-above national energy strategy. From developing better, more efficient buildings, to coordinating the buildout of electric vehicle infrastructure, to advancing energy storage solutions and modernizing the grid, DOE’s work is far-reaching and often fills the gaps left by industry and academia. Many fields rely on the Department to provide the research, standards, protocols and other necessities that no other entity provides but that benefit everyone, including industry and the public. You know first-hand how such a strategy can benefit the American people.
  4. Do not stifle innovation! Innovation drives the U.S. economy and is at the core of DOE’s work. Across the agency and the national labs, ideas that will change our country for the better are being generated, developed and deployed. With your support, we can continue to provide new ideas and technologies that will provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy for everyone in the U.S.
  5. Maintain DOE’s involvement in basic scientific research, including efforts like the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). The United States is still the leader in scientific exploration, and investment in such research generates more GDP than any other long-term federal program. Recommit to making the DOE a world leader in scientific research investment — an investment that is not practical for the private industry to make.
  6. Protect DOE employees and their scientific integrity. DOE employees are committed to the mission and passionate about serving our nation. Many have dedicated years of public service to ensuring all Americans have access to safe and reliable energy. They are experts and their institutional knowledge is critical for the DOE mission. Encourage the DOE employees to ask questions and seek knowledge, and know that they work for the greater good. They are excited to meet you and share the work they love.



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