500 Women Scientists is for all Women Scientists

  • Sign our pledge as a supporter;
  • Join us for public events and social gatherings, and let us decide which events are open and which are not;
  • Mentor women scientists and help women achieve equality;
  • Join or start other organizations that advance diversity, gender equality, and/or science, and partner with us;
  • Speak up whenever you see discrimination, whether it be subtle or overt;
  • Make your personal and professional spaces safe for women and minorities.
  • Receiving a hug from an older male colleague who you do not know well after a professional presentation.
  • Being told that women make better graduate students because our handwriting is easier to read, and we are more organized and tidy.
  • White male lab-members complaining that there are no opportunities for white males.
  • Having your ideas dismissed because you are told you are young and idealistic — despite having a PhD and plenty of work experience.
  • Having a child while working for an institution with no maternity leave policy.
  • Being excluded from outside of work activities (such as drinks, skiing, biking, or recreational trips) taken by only male colleagues, where work — casual science chatter, papers, and proposals are inevitably discussed.
  • Being excluded from during-work activities (such as lunch, workshops, or conferences) where only male colleagues are invited.
  • Chastised to ‘respect’ the opinions of older male scientists when confronting their incorrect criticism of your work.
  • The feeling of walking into a room and questioning whether you belong.
  • Having a respected, more senior male colleague at a conference ask to meet with you to discuss your research and then make a pass at you. When you express your frustration with the encounter to a male peer, they dismiss you saying “You didn’t think he would actually want to talk about your research, did you?”
  • Have older, senior male colleagues comment on your ‘beauty’ and ‘prettiness’.
  • Being completely ignored by senior men in group meetings.
  • Being asked to take notes or get water for everyone (as the only woman in the room).
  • Overhearing a group of male colleagues discussing your anatomy and saying “if only her brains were as big as her boobs” and then laughing and high-fiving.
  • Getting a teleconference call to give a talk and having the moderator say “Oh, you’re a woman. I guess we can work with that.” (Guess you always need to go with Dr. First Last, rather than Dr. Last).
  • Being spoken over or interrupted in meetings.
  • Open hostility towards women on the internet (e.g. our AMA on Reddit).



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500 Women Scientists

500 Women Scientists

Working to make science open, inclusive, and accessible.